The Dolenbyd Saga: A World of Swords, Sorcery, and Romance.

Duel in the Moonlit Snow is a short story in the series of tales about Rija, a heroine in my original fantasy world of Dolenbyd. After bandits attack the merchant train she travels with, Rija faces new dangers and the burden of responsibility. The tale was published online by Gryphonwood in June 2006.

Kearsee’s Tale. This short story follows the monk Kearsee and the symbiotic creature named Solirik who resides inside her, as they search for a magical artifact and dodge zombies on a tropical island. This story appeared both online and in print in October 2007 in Worlds of Wonder.

Naught, Except For Love appears in the April 2012 issues of The Lorelie Signal and in the Wolfsong Publishing anthology Mystic Signals. When Sheyara and Laira are separated by Laira’s wealthy landowner father, will the two women be brave enough to defend their marriage with words as well as swords?

Rija’s Tale is the first of a series of stories about Rija, a heroine in my fantasy world of Dolenbyd. This short story was published online and in print in the Autumn 2005 issue of Gryphonwood. What will become of Rija now that she has killed her husband, a Lord of the City of Sofia?

The Siege of Harnlow documents more adventures in the series of tales about Rija, a heroine in my original fantasy world of Dolenbyd. Trapped in a castle under siege, Rija must deal with assassins, political plots, and an ill-tempered Chatelaine. This novelette was published online in five parts by Gryphonwood in October 2006 and was selected for The Best of Gryphonwood 2006 Anthology and was nominated for the 2006 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Choice Award in the Fantasy Short Story category.