In the Stars They Offer: Space Opera

Doors Through the Places You Live: Ray Gun Revival #55.

Far From the Fields: Ray Gun Revival. November 2006.

I Took the Tear:  Illumen. April 2007.

In the Stars They Offer: Golden Visions Magazine. July of 2008.

In the Void: The Shantytown Anomaly. August 2006

Melpomene Run: Ray Gun Revival. August 2006.

Memory:  Ray Gun Revival. In Audio at Beam Me Up! Podcast.

The Most Wonderful Time: Electric Spec. November 2021.

Nor to the Strong: Ray Gun Revival. April 2007. Nominated for the 2007 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Choice Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story.

Poor Mesk: Worlds of Wonder.April, 2007 

Red for Revenge: Afterburn SF. April 2007.

The Shipmaster’s Widow: 365 Tomorrows. February 2010.

Steadfast: FlagShip. April 2011.

Tenari: Ray Gun Revival #44. Reprinted in a slightly different version in the Queen of Swords Press anthology Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space).