In the Stars They Offer: Space Opera

Doors Through the Places You Live is a science fiction tale of two salvagers as they roam the haunted decks of derelict ghost-ship. Will they survive the restless spirits, and if so, what will they bring back to their own ship? This story appeared in Ray Gun Revival #55.

Far From the Fields is a science fiction short story in the November 2006 issue of Ray Gun Revival. During a scouting mission on a dead world, Robert Wilson’s past comes back to haunt him. Will he make the easy choice or the right one?

I Took the Tear is a long science fiction poem about love and time dilation. It was published in print in the April 2007 issue of Illumen.

In the Stars They Offer is a piece of flash fiction that appears in Golden Visions Magazine in July of 2008. It tells the story of Tira, who experiences something radically different from the rest of her crew while exploring a derelict space station.

In the Void is a science fiction poem exploring themes of faith and exploration. It was published in the August 2006 issue of The Shantytown Anomaly.

Melpomene Run is a science fiction novelette. It appears online in the August 2006 issue of Ray Gun Revival. An emergency courier run to an endangered colony turns deadly for Lt. Lisa Cochrane as she uncovers corruption, intrigue, and sabotage all around her.

Memory follows Lucza Antreus, a woman whose mind and soul has been placed in a nearly indestructible body, as she seeks forgiveness and redemption for single-handedly causing the fall of an entire galactic civilization. Originally published in Ray Gun Revival and was also recorded for the Beam Me Up! Podcast.

Nor to the Strong is a science fiction story which appeared online in the April 2007 issue of Ray Gun Revival. A weary soldier must come to grips with the line between being a warrior and being a murderer. This story was nominated for the 2007 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Choice Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story.

Poor Mesk is a short tale of love, duty, murder, and insanity on a dangerous space colony. It appeared online in April, 2007 in Worlds of Wonder.

Red for Revenge, a Little Red Riding Hood in space with assassins and zombies story, appeared online in Afterburn SF in April 2007.

The Shipmaster’s Widow is a flash fiction story of love lost to a neutron star and lives left with unanswered questions. It appeared at 365 Tomorrows in February 2010.

Steadfast follows Soldier’s journey to save the life of his lover Dancer and their unborn child from a nameless bureaucracy whose rules disallow the disabled from having children. Can Soldier save his budding family while maintaining his honor? Or is it time to cast honor aside? This story appeared in the April 2011 issue of FlagShip.

Tenari is a fast-paced space opera and high-adventure story that appeared in Ray Gun Revival #44 in July 2008. While on a raid, Pirate-Captain Kathleen Reed and the crew of the Black Manta discover a ship full of child drifting in space and encounter an enemy from the Captain’s days as a Naval Officer. This story was reprinted in a slightly different version in the Queen of Swords Press anthology Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space).