The Age of Myth and Fairytales: A Post-Apocalyptic Future

All the Leaves Your Bed appeared in Shiny#4, in October of 2008. It is a science fiction and urban fantasy crossover piece set in a future version of Minneapolis. As the world slowly dies around her, Danielle Magnusson—whose life is fading as well—holds the key to renewing the world. But can she learn to trust the spirit of the tree that resides inside her.

Angel Above is a romantic science fiction novelette of life and love in a futuristic brothel. It was published online in two parts in the September 2005 and December 2005 issues of Lyrica.

Out Among the Singing Void is a science fiction and urban fantasy crossover piece set in a future version of Minneapolis. Appearing in print in Fictitious Force #3 in November, 2006, it tells the story of Maria and William, a married couple long separated by time and space, and their journey to find their way back to each other.


Should We Drown in Feathered Sleep

A New Order

A new world is emerging years after war destroyed society. In a Minnesota lake, the last surviving loons, direct descendants of the legendary First Pair, await the one who can help heal the earth. Each year a human sacrifice is brought to them to be endowed with special gifts, but they come at a terrible price.

A Free Spirit

Even as the rest of the world rebuilds, Grace Kriske’s life is shattered. Unable to walk, she feels utterly dependent on her family and trapped in a community that disapproves of her rebellious ways. Grace’s only solace is her lover, David Tvedt, a trader who wants to take her away with him—if she’d let him.

An Impossible Choice

Yet something else calls to Grace—the loons. They haunt her dreams, lurking in her mind as if part of her deepest primal self. But when Grace is chosen as the new sacrifice, she’s afraid. Will she risk everything to help the community that shuns her, or will she choose her own path?

Should We Drown in Feathered Sleep was long-listed for the Nebula Award in 2010


Twenty-One, a science fiction piece about saving the world again and again until finally the world is not worth saving anymore, was published September 2007 in Afterburn SF.