Miscellaneous SF&F Stories

A Glint Through Smoke and Flame is a short science fiction piece exploring what could happen to the world after humanity is extinct. It appeared in the anthology Ruins: Terra from Hadley-Rille Press in August 2007.

At the Edge of Twilight, Melissa Remembers Flight explores what happens to super-heroes when, because of injury or illness, they can’t be heroes anymore. Do they fade away? Does the government they worked for really let them retire? Or do they find new roles in the hero-villain dichotomy? This story appeared in Three Crow Press in the summer of 2009.

Callooh Callay was published online in the Spring 2006 issue of Worlds of Wonder. Follow the adventures of the brave men and women of the Literary Character Retrieval Force as they face various monsters of Wonderland in this humorous science fiction short story.

In Darkness Dwell the Warriors, a little tale about haunted naval ships and alien invaders, appeared online at The Nautilus Engine, February 2011.