Free Reads

Here is a listing of Michael’s work available to read for free on the internet. Just click the title and enjoy!

Bang Bang Apple Pie appeared on line at Scars Publication and will also appear in an anthology online.

“Ectobytes,” appearing in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Chaos Theory: Tales Askew, is the story of a group of paranormal investigators who must deal with a spirit that uploads itself in to one of their computers. Will they unravel the mystery of the ghost and set it’s spirit free, or will the ghost upload itself into one them next?

“The Foundling” is the cheerful little tale of the ghost of a murdered child, the spirit of a shopping mall made manifest, a talking parking lot totem, and making the family of one’s choice. An urban fantasy set in Minneapolis, this short story was available online in the Spring/Summer 2006 issue of Chaos Theory: Tales Askew.

“Protect and Serve” tells the story of Constable George Wellner, who protects the citizens of Morningside, Minnesota, whether they are space aliens, vampires, or other fantastic creatures. This piece appeared online in June 2007 in Bewildering Tales.

“The Shipmaster’s Widow” is a flash fiction story of love lost to a neutron star and lives left with unanswered questions. It appeared at 365 Tomorrows in February 2010.

“We Are Not Daredevil. Except When we Are Daredevil” is a personal essay I wrote for Uncanny Magazine’s Kickstarter campaign for their Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction special edition.