Whispers in Space
10 Whispers in Space

This collection of short fiction and poems features all of Michael’s space opera and science fantasy written to date and collected in one volume for your reading pleasure!

Whispers in Space is currently out of print.




Shimmers & Shadows

Michael Merriam’s diverse stories unfold where the faery realm intersects with the mundane world of the Twin Cities, in the spacefaring future of exploration and adventure, and in a mythical land of sorcery and danger. Here you will find tales of adventure, horror, enchantment, humor, tragedy, and romance where:


…a young outcast strikes a hard bargain with the Muddy River.

…two very different spirits find sanctuary in a historic shopping mall.

…a space transport captain makes a difficult choice and falls headlong into the middle of a conspiracy

…a fallen Seelie champion is caught between his dark past and unusual mortal friends

…estranged lovers discover whether science or magic will save their dying Earth

…death is not the end, time does not always run in a straight line, and the rain blesses both mortals and fae.

Shimmers & Shadows is available from Amazon.