The Land of Blood-Red Clay: Rural and Urban Fantasy in Oklahoma

Coffee For Your Body, Flames For Your Soul was published as an e-story by MUSA Publishing in December of 2011. At a late-night diner, the manager finds himself faced with a nightmare from his past: The Nalusachita, a mythical-creature of his Choctaw ancestors. Determined to protect his customers from the shape-changing soul-stealer but unsure how, the manager sets out to clear the restaurant at closing time. What neither manager nor monster counted on was the eccentric patrons of the diner, and how they would react to the mythical creature…

Cold Hand in Mine appeared online at Khimairal Ink. Published in October 2009 and set in western Oklahoma, it is the tale of a spirit sent back to help the living deal with their friend’s transition to the next stage of existence. 

Ectobytes, appearing in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Chaos Theory: Tales Askew, is the story of a group of paranormal investigators who must deal with a spirit that uploads itself in to one of their computers. Will they unravel the mystery of the ghost and set its spirit free, or will the ghost upload itself into one them next?

Fetch, an urban fantasy short story set in rural Oklahoma about a broken boy, his dead dog, and a lifetime spent seeking redemption, appears in print in the May 2008 issue of Fictitious Force and was reprinted in the charity anthology The Fleas They Carried by Bad Pony Press in 2009. 

Fourth Dimensional Pony in the Concourse of the Lost appeared in Golden Visions Magazines Winter 2010 issue. This tale explores the plight of a group of lost souls in an airport and the creature summoned to carry them out of the darkness. When one of the lost performs a desperate bit of magic to save his nephew, what will be the cost and how will reality change? 

Monday appeared online in Surprising Stories #13 in January, 2007. Can the ghost of a recently murdered woman save her younger sister from the man who killed her? 

Secret combines elements of horror and modern fairy tales while exploring what it means to grow old alone. It appeared online in From the Asylum in January 2007. This dark tale was nominated for a 2007 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Choice Award in the category of Horror Short Story.

Stopping By is a paranormal romance and time travel novelette set in rural Oklahoma, published online in two parts in the September and December 2006 issues of Lyrica.

Wings is the story of Lottie Caldwell and the terrible choice she faces: save the other passengers on a damaged airplane from the vengeful ghosts of her dead family, but lose her soul to them, or save herself from her family and allow the other passengers to die. Wings appears in the November 2010 issue of The Absent Willow Review.