Marscon This Weekend!

I will be at Marscon in Minneapolis, March 11th-13th. I will be selling books, appearing on panels, and generally hanging out in various convention spaces and the hotel bar. Here is my tentative schedule which is certainly subject to change, so please check your program book.

Friday 8:30 pm
Panel: SteamPunk, DieselPunk, DecPumk and More!
Let’s talk about reinventing the past with style and story.
with Catherine Lundolff

Saturday 11:00 am
Reading in Re(a)d Mars (Eagle’s Nest Room)

Saturday 4:00 PM
Panel: When I am Old, I will Pilot a Starship and Kick some Butt!
Aging in Speculative Fiction–are depictions of older people changing? What’s great, what’s not, what do we want to see more of?
with Catherine Lundoff, Kathryn Sullivan, and Joan Marie Verba.

Saturday 5:00 pm
Meeting: SF Writing Groups: the 2022 Scene
Since 1986, the Minnesota Imaginative Writers’ Alliance has held an annual meeting–recently at MarsCon–at which solo science fiction/fantasy writers who are looking for a writing group get a chance to connect with SF writing groups that are looking for new writers.
with Eric Hiedeman and Tyler Tork

Saturday 9:00 pm From Head to Page to Print
Panel: Join a group of indie authors as they discuss and share tips on developing, writing, and publishing your story/book ideas.
with T. Aaron Cisco

Sunday 12:30 pm
Panel: Artistic Inspiration: Pandemic Edition
Authors and artists discuss what inspires them to write or create, and how their tried and true models have worked (or needed modification) during the pandemic. What sorts of things spontaneously inspire you? What things do you seek out when you need inspiration? What does this look like in the world of lockdown? How has the pandemic feed or crushed your creativity? We’ve all heard of writers’ retreats, is there a good way for people to hold their own or communal virtual writers retreats? What squelches your enthusiasm in a big picture way? What are the little daily things that get in the way? How can we beat those back to a manageable level?

Author Autograph Tables
I will be signing up for various slots to sell and autograph my books.