Beloved Spouse and I had been talking for quite sometime about getting our cat Belyn a kitten. Belyn is at least part Maine Coon and a very social cat. Beloved Spouse and I are sometime only home for a few hours a day and Belyn was obviously getting lonely, but I was worried about whether or not he would accept another animal in the house.

Fate decided to make the decision for us.

My Day Job manager’s son-in-law found two kittens in a dumpster at his work. Two little kittens, tossed in a dumpster in northern Minnesota in November. He took one kitten home, a co-worker taking the other, but he had toddlers in the house, and the toddlers and the kitten didn’t mix. My manager talked me into trying to give the kitten a new home, and after discussion with Beloved Spouse, we agreed to take in this little guy:Llyr

He was playful, curious, high energy, and very loving. We both instantly fell in love with the kitten, who we named Llyr.

But would Belyn love him? This was the real question. We carefully introduced the two, letting them sniff at each other through doors, bat at each other through cracked open doors, and eventually letting them meet face to face. They fought a little, played a little, and then this:

And once more we are a two kitty household!

Over the last couple of years, Llyr has grown into a playful, affectionate cat who loves his family.