He appeared under our window as Beloved Spouse and I were climbing into bed. Outside our open bedroom window, we heard a series of soft, plaintive meows. Slipping on our shoes, we went out into the darkness to find this little fellow: 240091_2057170115167_498929_o
He wanted to be found, because Beloved Spouse had no trouble entice him into her arms. He had no collar, was underweight and dirty, and gobbled up the food we offered him. Despite being obviously frightened, he was cuddly and purry.

We took him to our veterinarian, where the vet-tech checked to see if he had a microchip. He did not. The tech checked his teeth and declared him to be about one year old. He was unaltered. She thought he had not been abandoned long, since he was not overly dirty and not beaten up. She told us that in spring, unaltered males tend to spray. It is probable that his previous owners, not wanting or not able to afford to have him neutered, simply cast him out. She said that is the story of about 90% of the homeless male cats they end up with in spring. The vet-tech cut his nails, trimmed the matting, and gave him a dose of Advantage Multi for fleas, ear mites, and intestinal parasites, on the house. We put him back in the carrier, stopped at the store for more cat litter and food, and brought him home with us.

We decide to integrate him into our home, but we were also a poor graduate student and a disabled guy, and giving this kitty a home would not come without some significant initial expense. We asked you, our friends and readers to help defraying the cost of the neutering and making sure the little guy is up to snuff health-wise, and you all stepped up, help us with the initial financial burden, and allowing us to offer an abandoned kitty a loving home.

Over the next several months we worked to get him healthy and well fed, giving him a safe and stable place to live. After a few initial problems, he settled down and settled in. Belyn is active, playful, and inquisitive. He likes toys that make noise and the fish-on-a-string wand. He is also a cuddler, happy to curl up in a lap or drape himself across your feet and take a nap.

Over the years, Beyln has gone from the skinny, bedraggled mess that appeared under our window to a big, fluffy, beautiful cat who loves the humans in the house.

We hope to have many years of his companionship. Thank you, everyone who helped make that possible.