Links of Writers

Abra Staffin-Wiebe : A multifaceted writer, photographer, and narrator. Abra is a key member of MinnSpec and the author of the fabulous  Circus of Brass and Bone.

Catherine Deziel: A rising Canadian artist. I’ve written a couple of stories based on her artwork. She provided the cover art for Shimmers & Shadows.

Catherine Lundoff: One of my favorite writers and a great friend. Catherine’s work pushes boundaries and heads into new territory.

Eli Effinger-Weintraub: Eli is a freelance copy editor and proofreader with expertise in nonfiction and fiction (speculative fiction a specialty) as well as being a writer of prose fiction, playwriting, creative nonfiction, and spoken-word memoir.

Joel Arnold : One of the most versatile writers of short fiction working today, Joel writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries, thrillers, and crime drama.

Kelly Barnhill: Newberry Award winner. Young Adult author and funny, funny blogger.

Rob Callahan: Fantastic writer and spoken word performer. Journalist. All-around great guy. Maybe the best dressed SF writer in the Twin Cities.

Roger Zelazny: The late Mr. Zelazny is the main reason I started writing. He is my model and hero.

Scott Lynch: World Fantasy Award nominee and all around good guy. Watch this guy’s career.

Terry Roy: Super talented cover artist and author.

Links for Writers

Critters Writers Workshop: I’m not a member, but I’ve heard good things about this workshop.

Encyclopedia Mythica: The definitive source for all things myth on the web.

Online Writers Workshop: I am a former member of this group. It has made me a better fiction writer.

Ralan’s Webstravaganza: Market links, lots of market links.


The Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers: I am an Head Organizer Emeritus of this helpful local networking group.

Horror Writers Association: Organization for professional horror writers.

Mystery Writers of America: Organization for professional mystery writers.

Romance Writers of America: Organization for professional romance writers.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America: Organization for professional SF&F writers.

Science Fiction Poetry Association: Organization for professional SF&F poets.

Steampunk Artists and Writers Guild: Interdisciplinary organization for artist and writers working in the steampunk genre.

Story Arts of Minnesota: Promotes storytelling and develops and supports storytellers in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.

Western Writers of America: Organization for professional western writers.


4th Street Fantasy Convention is a convention for people who are serious about good fantasy and good stories: reading them, writing them, appreciating them in all their various forms, featuring a single track of programming.

Arcana is a long-running horror convention that bills itself as “a convention of the dark fantastic.” Arcana is held annually in late September or early October in St. Paul, Minnesota. The presentation of the Minnesota Fantasy Award is a key feature of each year’s convention.

Con of the North: The Twin Cities’ longest running games convention. Held every February around Presidents Day in St. Paul, MN.

CONvergence is a 5000+ member speculative fiction/fan convention held annually on the first weekend in July in Bloomington, Minnesota. CONvergence is large, colorful, and has a little something for everyone. All of my book releases have been hosted by this convention.

Diversicon is an annual speculative fiction convention held the first weekend of August in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Diversicon provides programming and social opportunities to encourage the multicultural, multimedia exploration and celebration of SF by those within and outside of the traditional SF community.

Marscon is a science fiction convention held in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is a mid-sized convention with a wide variety of events. This convention has a solid literary track, a fun masquerade, and little something for every fan.

Minicon is a science fiction and fantasy convention in Minneapolis, usually held on Easter weekend. Started in 1968 and running approximately annually since then, it is one of the oldest science fiction conventions in the Midwest. It is run by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, a non-profit organization that is “dedicated to furthering the appreciation of science fiction and fantasy literature.”

 Cool Stuff

Sherry Merriam Counseling: My wife’s business. She is therapist to the local geek and nerd community and those with alternative lifestyles.

Minnesota Fringe Festival: The largest non-juried Fringe Festival in the USA.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival: One the the largest professional renaissance festivals in the USA.

Walking Shadow Theatre Company: My favorite Twin Cities theatre company.


American Council of the Blind

American Foundation for the Blind

John Wenberg’s Retinitis Pigmentosa Page: A great resource about the eye disease I suffer from.

Resources for Blind Travels: A good roundup of links and information for those of us who dare to Travel While Blind.

Vision Loss Resources: The fine folks who provided my rehab training and help me make sure I could continue to live the life I wanted to live.