Short Fiction

A Glint Through Smoke and Flame is a short science fiction piece exploring what will happen to the world after humanity is extinct. It appeared in the anthology Ruins: Terra from Hadley-Rille Press in August 2007.

A Hot Cup at the Last Station is a tale of lost love, ghost trains, and finding your way back to living, set in an old train depot turned coffeeshop in a Minneapolis suburb. It appeared in Bards and Sages Quarterly Volume 2, Issue #3.

All the Leaves Your Bed appeared in Shiny#4, in October of 2008. It is a science fiction and urban fantasy crossover piece set in a future version of Minneapolis. As the world slowly dies around her, Danielle Magnusson–whose life is fading as well–holds the key to renewing the world. But can she learn to trust the spirit of the tree that resides inside her.

And A Song in Her Hair appeared in the December 2006 issue of Spaceways Inflight Magazine. This fantasy short story, called “darkly poetic” by Horror Scope and “poignant and rather chilling” by As if!: Australian Specfic in Focus, tells the tale of a dryad who teaches music, and her most difficult student. This story received an Honorable Mention in The Years Best Fantasy and Horror 2008 and appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine: Best of Fantasy II.

And The River Shall Be Your Bed is a ghost story of love, forgiveness, and redemption set in Minneapolis. When the ghost of Christine Larson reaches out across the veil to her friend Mandy and Mandy’s fiance Chad, what will be the price of forgiveness, and will Mandy and Chad be willing to pay? This story appeared at Tower of Light Fantasy.

Angel Above is a romantic science fiction novelette of life and love in a futuristic brothel. It was published online in two parts in the September 2005 and December 2005 issues of Lyrica.

At the Edge of Twilight, Melissa Remembers Flight explores what happens to super-heroes when, because of injury or illness, they can’t be heroes anymore. Do they fade away? Does the government they worked for really let them retire? Or do they find new roles in the hero-villain dichotomy? This story appeared in Three Crow Press in the summer of 2009.

By Moonlight,an urban fantasy tale set in Minneapolis, follows Selma, a blind, middle aged magician as she tries to protect a new friend and potential lover from her half-fae brother. It was published in Aoife’s Kiss #33 in 2010.

Callooh Callay was published online in the Spring 2006 issue of Worlds of Wonder. Follow the adventures of the brave men and women of the Literary Character Retrieval Force as they face various monsters of Wonderland in this humorous science fiction short story.

Coffee For Your Body, Flames For Your Soul was published as an e-story by MUSA Publishing in December of 2011. At a late-night diner, the manager finds himself faced with a nightmare from his past: The Nalusachita, a mythical-creature of his Choctaw ancestors. Determined to protect his customers from the shape-changing soul-stealer but unsure how, the manager sets out to clear the restaurant at closing time.What neither manager or monster counted on was the eccentric patrons of the diner, and how they would react to the mythical creature…

Cold Hand in Mine appeared online at Khimairal Ink. Published in October 2009 and set in western Oklahoma, it is the tale of a spirit sent back to help the living deal with their friend’s transition to the next stage of existence.

Darkly Through The Light Waters was published in the September 2005 issue of Sorcery & Science and reprinted in the anthology You Don’t Know What You’ve Got… in March 2009 from Gryphonwood Press. Set in the intersection between Minneapolis and the faerie realm, this short story tells of a fey champion’s love, honor, and fall from grace.

Doors Through the Places You Live is a science fiction tale of two salvagers as they roam the haunted decks of derelict ghost-ship. Will they survive the restless spirits, and if so, what will they bring back to their own ship? This story appeared in Ray Gun Revival #55.

Duel in the Moonlit Snow is a short story in the series of tales about Rija, a heroine in my original fantasy world of Dolenbyd. After bandits attack the merchant train she travels with, Rija faces new dangers and the burden of responsibility. The tale was published online by Gryphonwood in June 2006.

Ectobytes, appearing in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Chaos Theory: Tales Askew, is the story of a group of paranormal investigators who must deal with a spirit that uploads itself in to one of their computers. Will they unravel the mystery of the ghost and set it’s spirit free, or will the ghost upload itself into one them next?

Far From the Fields is a science fiction short story in the November 2006 issue of Ray Gun Revival. During a scouting mission on a dead world, Robert Wilson’s past comes back to haunt him. Will he make the easy choice or the right one?

Fast Gliding Down the Rails is a short horror story set on the defunct Minnesota Zephyr dinner train. When the aging tourist train decides to avoid being decommissioned by slipping through time and traveling forever, how will the passengers on the cursed train survive? Appears in Longshot Island’s December 2017 SF issue and in the first issues of The Unfit.

Fetch, an urban fantasy short story set in rural Oklahoma about a broken boy, his dead dog, and a lifetime spent seeking redemption, appears in print in the May 2008 issue of Fictitious Force and was reprinted in the charity anthology The Fleas They Carried by Bad Pony Press in 2009.

Fey Child Fair, in which I am a wicked fairy apologist, is a retelling of the Rapunzel fairy-tale from the point-of-view of the witch. Published online at From the Asylum, July, 2009.

The Foundling is the cheerful little tale of the ghost of a murdered child, the spirit of a shopping mall made manifest, a talking parking lot totem, and making the family of one’s choice. An urban fantasy set in Minneapolis, this short story was available online in the Spring/Summer 2006 issue of Chaos Theory: Tales Askew.

Fourth Dimensional Pony in the Concourse of the Lost appeared in Golden Visions Magazines Winter 2010 issue. This tale explores the plight of a group of lost souls in an airport and the creature summoned to carry them out of the darkness. When one of the lost performs a desperate bit of medicine to save his nephew, what will be the cost and how will reality change?

In Darkness Dwell the Warriors, a little tale about haunted sailing ships and alien invaders, appeared online at The Nautilus Engine, February 2011.

In the Stars They Offer is a piece of flash fiction that appears in Golden Visions Magazine in July of 2008. It tells the story of Tira, who experiences something radically different from the rest of her crew while exploring a derelict space station.

Jenny’s Magic appeared in print in the July 2006 issue of Beyond Centauri and online at Hazard Cat in October of 2010.  This children’s short story tells of a very practical nine-year-old girl who must reclaim her magic from the cat who stole it from her. This story was nominated for the 2007 James B. Baker Award in short fiction.

Kearsee’s Tale is a story set in my fantasy world of Dolenbyd. This short story follows the monk Kearsee and the symbiotic creature named Solirik who resides inside her, as they search for a magical artifact and dodge zombies on a tropical island. This story appeared both online and in print in October 2007 in Worlds of Wonder.

Melpomene Run is a science fiction novelette. It appears online in the August 2006 issue of Ray Gun Revival. An emergency courier run to an endangered colony turns deadly for Lt. Lisa Cochrane as she uncovers corruption, intrigue, and sabotage all around her.

Memory follows Lucza Antreus, a woman whose mind and soul has been placed in a nearly indestructible body, as she seeks forgiveness and redemption for single-handedly causing the fall of an entire galactic civilization. Originally published in Ray Gun Revival and was also recorded for the Beam Me Up! Podcast.

Monday appeared online in Surprising Stories #13 in January, 2007. Can the ghost of a recently murdered woman save her younger sister from the man who killed her?

Nor to the Strong is a science fiction story which appeared online in the April 2007 issue of Ray Gun Revival. A weary soldier must come to grips with the line between being a warrior and being a murderer. This story was nominated for the 2007 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Choice Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story.

Out Among the Singing Void is a science fiction and urban fantasy crossover piece set in a future version of Minneapolis. Appearing in print in Fictitious Force #3 in November, 2006, it tells the story of Maria and William, a married couple long separated by time and space, and their journey to find their way back to each other.

Over the Bridge, an urban fantasy set in Minneapolis and St. Paul, is the happy tale of a snarky Goth-girl, a snarly Unseelie, a dead body, and the Mississippi River. It appeared online at The Harrow in July 2007.

Poor Mesk is a short tale of love, duty, murder, and insanity on a dangerous space colony. It appeared online in April, 2007 in Worlds of Wonder.

Protect and Serve tells the story of Constable George Wellner, who protects the citizens of Morningside, Minnesota, whether they are space aliens, vampires, or other fantastic creatures. This piece appeared online in June 2007 in Bewildering Tales.

Rainfall set in the intersection between Minneapolis and the faerie realm, was published online in the February 2006 issue of Deep Magic. Described by Tangent Short Fiction as “a breathtakingly beautiful story of a love that transcends time and space, a pure, self-sacrificing love,” this tales follows the lives of the all-too-human Robert and Zoe, an exile from the Summer Lands, as they encounter each other through the years.

Red for Revenge, a Little Red Riding Hood in space with assassins and zombies story, appeared online in Afterburn SF in April 2007.

Rija’s Tale is the first of a series of stories about Rija, a heroine in my original fantasy world of Dolenbyd. This short story was published online and in print in the Autumn 2005 issue of Gryphonwood. What will become of Rija now that she has killed her husband, a Lord of the City of Sofia?

Secret combines elements of horror and modern fairy tales while exploring what it means to grow old alone. It appeared online in From the Asylum in January 2007. This dark tale was nominated for a 2007 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Choice Award in the category of Horror Short Story.

Shades of Light and Foam was published in print in the 2008 Cover of Darkness anthology from Sam’s Dot Publishing, May 2008. This dark tale of revenge involves the murderous Captain Muller of the ship Jenny Story, five angry Rusalka out for vengeance, and the hapless lighthouse keeper caught between them.

The Shipmaster’s Widow is a flash fiction story of love lost to a neutron star and lives left with unanswered questions. It appeared at 365 Tomorrows in February 2010.

The Siege of Harnlow documents more adventures in the series of tales about Rija, a heroine in my original fantasy world of Dolenbyd. Trapped in a castle under siege, Rija must deal with assassins, political plots, and an ill-tempered Chatelaine. This novelette was published online in five parts by Gryphonwood in October 2006 and was selected for The Best of Gryphonwood 2006 Anthology and was nominated for the 2006 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Choice Award in the Fantasy Short Story category.

Starry Night tells of James Monroe, a man stripped of his special ability to speak mind-to-mind with others who shared this rare power. When the voice of a dying boy speaks into his mind, James must overcome his own grief to help the boy understand what is happening to him. This story appears in the Summer 2010 issue of Golden Visions Magazine.

Steadfast follows Soldier’s journey to save the life of his lover Dancer and their unborn child from a nameless bureaucracy whose rules disallow the disabled from having children. Can Soldier save his budding family while maintaining his honor? Or is it time to cast honor aside? This story appeared in the April 2011 issue of FlagShip.

Stopping By is a paranormal romance and time travel novelette set in rural Oklahoma, published online in two parts in the September and December 2006 issues of Lyrica.

Tenari is a fast-paced space opera and high-adventure story that appeared in Ray Gun Revival #44  in July 2008. While on a raid, Pirate-Captain Kathleen Reed and the crew of the Black Manta discover a ship full of child drifting in space and encounter an enemy from the Captain’s days as a Naval Officer. This story is due to be reprinted in a slightly different version in the Queen of Swords Press anthology Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space).

Twenty-One, a science fiction piece about saving the world again and again until finally the world is not worth saving anymore, was published September 2007 in Afterburn SF.

Weaving Threads was published online in Drops of Crimson in June 2009. This urban fantasy story tell the tale of a young Minneapolis girl who feels trapped in the desperate life she leads and the storytelling spider who helps her see her way to freedom.

Wings is the story of Lottie Caldwell and the terrible choice she faces: save the other passengers on a damaged airplane from the vengeful ghosts of her dead family, but lose her soul to them, or save herself from her family and allow the other passengers to die. Wings appears in the November 2010 issue of The Absent Willow Review.