Tonight! Not-So-Silent Planet Open Mic

This is your reminder that I will be a special guest performer at the Not-So-Silent Planet SpecFic Open mic tonight. This also your reminder that, due to some heating issues at Red Stag, tonight’s Not-So-Silent Planet is moving out to:

Strike Theater
824 18th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

I know it still says Red Stag on the graphics, but trust me, we will be at Strike Theater. FYI – I don’t know if there is food and drink available at the Theater (I think there are vending machines in the building), so plan accordingly.

The evening’s theme is “Celebration!” Open-mic sign-up starts at 7:20 pm. If selected, performers have up to 7 minutes of stage time. Anything goes as long as it’s speculative fiction. First-time performers are guaranteed stage time. For December’s Sentence Challenge, the performer who can most seamlessly or creatively fit the following line into their performance, as determined by the audience, will win a prize: “We couldn’t remember anything.” Or, alternatively: “They couldn’t remember anything.” Like the theme, this challenge is also optional.

I hope to see you there!

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