Next Year’s Birthday

So when my friends start asking me what I want for my birthday next year, I am going to tell them they should pool their money and send me off on a writing retreat so I can have some focused time alone to finish a few projects.

And when I say writing retreat, I’m not asking for enough money to spend a month in a some villa in Italy or chateau in France, or a monastic retreat, or an old mansion in New England with its own cemetery, or a cabin the north woods, because those places, while wonderful, would just distract me.

All ya’ll can just chip in and send me to a nice mid-to-low price hotel or even motel. A Holiday Inn Express would be fine. As long as it has a bed, a place for me to set up my laptop and extra monitor, a place to settle with my notebook and pens, a coffee maker, and quick and easy food options nearby (free breakfast in the morning is a bonus) in a relatively safe place for me to walk around to stuff, I’m set.

I just want that for a mere four days.

Even though it is impractical, that’s what I want for my birthday next year.

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